It's the moments of calm - Sydney Photographer

You just need those small moments that make you stop and realise how truly blessed you are.  Those moments of Calm in the Chaos, where time stands still and stop and actually 'look' at your children.  If only we could all look at life through a different lens, one that blocks out all of the other 'stuff' in your life and just lets you focus on your children and your family.  Even if it's just for one day.   We would all appreciate what we had that much more.

It's funny, when I pick up my camera, that is exactly how I feel, like I am looking at our family through a different lens.  I am looking at the love between my children, their little personality traits that I love, their features and characteristics that make them, them.  

Taking photographs of my children's lives is a priceless gift that I am giving them.  Each photograph will be able to transport them back to that time, and that place and allow them to remember.  

Please don't let any more time slip by, before you start photographing your family.  Photographs are all we are left with.

If you want to learn how to use your camera, join me for my next Calm in the Chaos Workshop, I would love to see you there :).