Liliana - Hills District Newborn Photographer

I know I say this all the time but I have a huge soft spot for families with three kids.  I am one of three kids and I have three kids myself.  So I just love it when parents fill out their questionnaire for their Newborn Photography Session and let me know they have two kids already.  

Generally when the third baby comes along the other two kids are under five.  When it comes to photographing them, I am never quite sure what I am going to get.  I take it as a challenge - can I get all three to cooperate at the same time??? 

These three filled with gorgeousness couldn't have made my job any easier!  They were absolutely perfect.  And they couldn't be prouder of their brand new baby sister, Liliana <3

I hope you love their gallery as much as I do.  

If you are expecting and would like to find out more about how to book your session, I would love to chat with you.  You can contact me here


Harper - Sydney Newborn Photographer

So I find myself so far behind in my blogging, I have finally managed to set aside some time to put a few up.  And what a pleasure it was so go through Harper's Newborn Session again.  I had such a hard time going through the session and selecting which images to show you.  I hope you love the ones I have selected for you.  I LOVE all of them.  How gorgeous is she?  I could stare at that gorgeous little face all day, I bet her Mumma does just that!

I love this job, it is so very rewarding.  Every image has captured a single moment in each Newborn's life, a moment that their parents can now look back on and remember.  They can remember how tiny they were, how much their little features have changed, and how they felt at that exact moment in time.  

It is such an honour for parents to trust me with their brand new babies, and I am forever grateful that I found such a wonderfully fulfilling career. 

Hugo - Hills District Newborn Photographer

I have a huge soft spot for families with three kids.  I am one of three myself and I have three kids.  There is just something about the chaos that that many kids brings to life that makes it such a joy.  One of my motos is 'the more the merrier' and three kids definitely lives up to that.  

It also happens, that third babies are always so content and relaxed that they make my job super easy.  No matter what is going on around them, they don't startle or wake up because they are used to the chaos.  

Little Hugo didn't disappoint when he came to visit me for his Newborn Photography Session, he was perfect.  These are just a few of my favourites from his huge gallery that his parents received.  


xx Nat

Personal Blog - A little bit of Calm in our Chaos

February has come and gone.  I honestly can't believe it.  The kids are back at school and all the after school activities are in full swing.  We have also had a few weeks of our children alternating who is sick, which has been super fun.  I keep seeing those meme's about Mum's and Wine and all I can think is, "OMG that is me".  Being a Mum is a pretty tough gig, whether you are pregnant with your first child or you have four teenagers, no matter what stage you are at, IT IS HARD.  

I know exactly what it's like.  I have three kids whom I adore, but there are moments when I feel like I am loosing my mind, the house is disaster, there is washing that needs doing and we are having scrambled eggs or toast for dinner because we have nothing else in the house.  This year I have made a resolution to stop more and cherish the moments that I know will be gone so soon.  I have started photographing those moments.  Even when the house is a disaster and kids are still in their pyjamas at 1pm.  Because this is our life and these moments are the moments that matter. They are the Calm in the Chaos.

Knowing how hard it was for me to stop and see past all the chaos and still photograph a perfect moment, I decided to run a workshop for Mum's to learn the basics of how to use their camera and how see the Calm in the Chaos of their lives.  If you are interested in learning more or joining us for the workshop you can find more information here.

This month I am teaming up with amazingly talented women, if you would like to tag along come and have a look at Claire's blog post.  I really love it <3

These are few images that I took of my own babies this month.  I hope you love them <3

Nat xx

The Studio - Sydney Newborn Photographer

It has been a while since I've shared some photographs of my studio.  My studio is where all the magic happens and it is my happy place <3  It has taken me years to collect all of my props, fabrics, headbands and wraps.  I have everything you need for a Newborn Photography Session.  My beautiful clients only need to bring their beautiful new bubba, and then sit back and relax.  It is the perfect opportunity for them to sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.  

Everything that is in my studio has been hand picked by me, and each newborn session is professionally styled by me.  I style each session, not just by the colours that my clients request but I also consider the skin tone of the baby and what colours will work best for them.   The result is a stunning gallery of images that would love incredible, framed as a wall collage or as a beautiful album.  

The aim of every one of my newborn sessions is to achieve, Timeless. Organic. Classic. images of your brand new baby that can be passed down from generation to generation.  I love focusing on all their little details that make them unique and special.  

I love photographing newborn babies and I hope my clients feel at home when they come and visit me in my wonderful little studio.

Nat xx


Laura - Sydney Newborn Photographer

Little Laura <3 Such a little cutie!  Look at those big gorgeous eyes!  Laura's beautiful grandma came with them for her Newborn Photography Session, so of course I just couldn't not take some photographs of them all together.  So special, three generations of amazing women <3

Eva - Sitter Session - Hills District Baby Photographer

Eva came back to visit me for some snuggles and her Sitter Photography Session.  I love it so much when my little newborns come back for some cuddles <3 I love to see how much they have grown.  But my favourite part about them coming back is getting to see their little personalities.  Their cheeky little smiles and chubby arms and legs are just the best.  Have a look at this gorgeous little girl, seriously could she be any more beautiful?? And those lashes..... omg... they are just divine <3

It was an absolute pleasure to photograph you again little munchkin <3  

Ella - Hills District Newborn Photographer

I know I go on and on about how I have the best job, but I seriously do!  I am lucky enough to get to snuggle these precious little miracles everyday.  Every single one of them is absolutely perfect! I love getting to capture these precious images for their parents.  

Gorgeous Ella and her big brother and sister were amazing when they came to visit me for her Newborn Session.   And seriously, could they all be any cuter?