Billie - Hills District Newborn Photographer

I don't know about you, but I think I have the greatest job in the world.  I get to snuggle brand new babies every, single, day!  Every day I am reminded of just how incredible humans are and what they are capable of.  All of these incredibly perfect little humans, with ten little fingers and ten little toes <3

I just adore everything about them.  I constantly marvel at the fact that all the information required to make up these little cuties, is contained in two microscopic cells!  It blows my mind.

Meet little Billie <3 She is just absolute perfection <3  Loved our snuggles and can't wait for her to come back and visit <3

Audrey - Sydney Newborn Photographer

I have a serious soft spot for families with three kids.  I am one of three and I have three babies of my own.  I love having a big family, there is alway something happening, always someone to hang out with and lots of laughter <3  

So when expectant mums call to book their session for baby number three I get a little bit excited.  And these three did not disappoint.  They were so incredibly well behaved, and they just adored their new baby sister, Audrey <3.

Seriously, how cute are these three?  They just had me wrapped around their little fingers <3

Sydney - Hills District Newborn Photographer

Baby Sydney <3 <3 <3 I loved meeting this beautiful little baby when she came to visit me for her Newborn Photography Session.  

I always marvel at the little miracles that are newborn babies.  They are a new beginning, a new life, one filled with the ability to love, to be loved and to bring joy to the world around them.  Being blessed with visits from newborn babies every day is such a joy.  Every day I am reminded of this precious gift we are given with each of our lives and how lucky I am to be the mumma to three beautiful babies of my very own.  

The beautiful little Sydney is surrounded by love and is completely adored by her amazing parents <3  I had such a hard time choosing which images to put in this blog post, there were so many that I just loved!  I hope you love them as much as I do!

Carter - Hills District Baby Photographer

I just love it when my newborns come back to visit me for their Sitter Session.  Babies change so much in their first six months of their lives!  At this age, they are full of personality and so much fun <3 I could have kept Carter, she is just the sweetest!  I had so many favourites from her gallery, she is just so cute.  I couldn't pick a favourite, can you?

Giuliana - Hills District Newborn Photographer

I have been so lucky lately, I have had an incredible run of beautiful little girls with amazing heads of dark, gorgeous hair come and visit me for their Newborn Photography Session.  Little Giuliana was no exception.  How incredibly stunning is she!  I couldn't bring myself to put a bonnet on her to cover up that beautiful head of hair, so headbands it was!  Giuliana was such a dream to photograph, I hope you enjoy my favourite images from her gallery.

Orlando - Sydney Newborn Photographer

This gorgeous little man is one very loved little one.  I just love it when first time parents come to visit me.  There is just something so special when a couple grows to become a family.  The love in the air is just palpable.  This beautiful family was no exception, there were smiles, laughs and tears during Orlando's Newborn Photography Session.  It is such an incredible privilege to photograph these little newborn babies <3


Arianna - Hills District Newborn Photographer

I have been so lucky lately, I have had a run of baby girls with the most magnificent heads of hair. When little Arianna arrived for her newborn photography session and I saw her beautiful hair I was so excited!  She was an absolute gem for me and have a look at her gorgeous facial expressions, they are adorable <3 <3 <3


Charlotte - Newborn Photographer Hills District

Charlotte came to see me when she was three weeks old for her Newborn Photography Session.  But Charlotte is extra special.  Her first three weeks of life were a rollercoaster for her gorgeous parents.  When Charlotte was born, it was discovered that there was a problem with her little heart.  So at the very new age of two weeks of age, Charlotte was operated on to fix her teeny heart.  I can only image the fear and angst her parents must have gone through worrying about their beautiful little girl.  Every life is a miracle and I am always amazed at how resilient these tiny little humans are <3 <3 <3 

Charlotte is one incredibly strong little girl, and with two brothers to protect her (ok maybe toughen her up, if they are anything like my two boys), she is destined to be one incredible woman.