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As a newborn photographer, my sessions are filled with love and laughter.

Located in Sydney’s Hills District, I offer three types of photography sessions for families, including: Newborn, Baby, and Family Sessions. Each one is structured a little differently, but they are all focused on capturing the love, connection, and tiny little details that are part of your family’s story.

With a seamless booking process, and easy to understand pricing, you don't have to worry about anything except soaking in this time with your family. I'll make sure you walk away with timeless, artistic images that will be cherished in your family for generations to come.

Please note that I tend to book out well in advance, so it's best to confirm your session early. Digital images are available with all sessions. Payment Plans are available. For a full price guide please contact me here.



Newborn Photography Sessions 

Newborn Photography Sessions take place in my studio in Kellyville Ridge, and generally take between 2-3 hours. The sessions are relaxed and intimate, with the focus being solely on your beautiful baby.

I use lovely soft fabrics and textures from a classic neutral colour palette that will look gorgeous in any home. During your session, not only will I take time to capture all of your precious baby’s details, but we'll also photograph stunning family photos that you will cherish.

Your newborn photography session is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and maybe even enjoy a few minutes of sleep yourself! My studio has lovely comfy chairs close by to your baby, so you can relax with them in view.

I love newborn photography sessions, they are my absolute favourite. And I just love everything about newborn babies – their smell, flaky skin, and the little noises they make... They are a reminder of how amazing life is and how incredibly privileged we are to be part of it. Every single baby that comes and visits me, makes me marvel at how blessed we all are. How do they go from two microscopic cells to these bundles of deliciousness in a 10-month period?

Newborn Sessions are $1000 and include all the digital images from your gallery (minimum 25 high resolution images) on a USB, with nothing further to pay. Sibling, parent and family images are included in your session. Print products are also available.


Baby Photography Sessions           

Baby Photography Sessions are scheduled when your baby is anywhere from six months to one year old. These sessions are designed to capture your baby's little personality, their cheeky little smiles and those incredible baby rolls you can't bear to forget. I personally style all sessions, so that all you have to do is bring your gorgeous little baby, sit back and relax.

Change happens so quickly when you are a new parent. We all kind of walk around in this 'parent fog' for the first six months of our baby's life. But, at about six months in, the fog slowly lifts, and you can truly appreciate this incredible little addition to your family. They are laughing, starting to move, starting to be cheeky and learning something new every day. And this is what I want to capture for you.

Baby photography sessions are the perfect opportunity to show off your little one's personality. Priced at $700, baby sessions include all the digital images from your gallery (minimum 25 high resolution images) on a USB, with nothing further to pay. Print products are also available.



Family Photography Sessions

Family Photography Sessions are all about connection and love – designed to capture the emotions of your family and the special bond you all have with each other. These sessions are filled with laughter and love. I want to capture images that will move you and evoke feelings that take you back to that moment in time.

We often forget to stop and be grateful for the amazing people in our lives, be it our children or our partners. And every year, our kids get that little bit bigger and you look back and think 'where has my baby gone?'.

To me, the perfect photograph of your family showcases each individual’s personality and embraces the craziness that makes your family yours. I aim to capture genuine smiles from your children and those little facial expressions that you know and love.

Family photography sessions are $800 and include all the digital images from your gallery (minimum 25 high resolution images) on a USB, with nothing further to pay. Print products are also available.

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