Harper - Sydney Newborn Photographer

So I find myself so far behind in my blogging, I have finally managed to set aside some time to put a few up.  And what a pleasure it was so go through Harper's Newborn Session again.  I had such a hard time going through the session and selecting which images to show you.  I hope you love the ones I have selected for you.  I LOVE all of them.  How gorgeous is she?  I could stare at that gorgeous little face all day, I bet her Mumma does just that!

I love this job, it is so very rewarding.  Every image has captured a single moment in each Newborn's life, a moment that their parents can now look back on and remember.  They can remember how tiny they were, how much their little features have changed, and how they felt at that exact moment in time.  

It is such an honour for parents to trust me with their brand new babies, and I am forever grateful that I found such a wonderfully fulfilling career.