Charlotte - Newborn Photographer Hills District

There are a multitude of things that make newborn photographers squeal with delight and almost all of them relate to newborn heads of hair, hehe.  When a baby comes in with a head full of dark hair, a head full of red hair or a head full of blond hair our day is made!  It isn't very often when we get little blondies, so you can imagine how excited I was when little Charlotte came in for her Newborn Photography Session with me.  That blonde hair is just amazing.  Even her little eyelashes are incredibly blonde.  Charlotte you are just so gorgeous and it was such a pleasure to see you and your wonderful parents <3  

Just a few of my favourites from Charlottes gallery <3

ps. I'm a big softie and all packages come with all the digital images from their gallery ;) I just hate the idea of parents not going home with all the images of their beautiful little munchkin.