Ever thought about Family Photographs in Winter? - Hills District Family Photographer

Why I think winter is a fabulous time to get family portraits taken.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE winter!!!! I love snuggling up on the couch with a good book and a warm cup of tea (not that that happens very much with three kids running around, but I used to love it when it happened).  I love how you can find the perfect pair of boots that just make everything in the world seem right again regardless of if you wear them every single day for four months.  I love the clothes in winter, give me a long wool cardigan and an amazing scarf over a sundress anyday.  I always, always feel more comfortable when I head out in winter.  I’m able to hide all my post kid flaws (ok, some of them were there before the kids ;) ).  

So why not get your family portraits taken in winter? Here are a few reasons why winter is the perfect time to capture memories of your growing family.

The Clothes!!!

I’m the mum of two boys and a girl, so I know it’s really hard to dress boys in summer without just throwing them in shorts and a t-shirt.  Then the shoes….almost impossible to make them look like the cool little dudes that they are.  There are just so many more options when it comes to dressing in winter!  For the mum’s…. layers, amazing coats, scarves and BOOTS!!!! For the dad’s button up shirts, knit jumpers/vests, jackets the options are limitless.  And for the kids some cool street sneakers or boots (even gumboots can look fabulous see here for some examples), beanies, vests etc.  Winter clothes allow you plenty of room to play with prints, textures and solid colours so your images look amazing.

The light!

There is absolutely magical light in winter and the ‘golden hour’, as us photographers like to call it, lasts for much longer because the sun is much lower in the sky during the winter months.  That means we have more wriggle room for the timing of your session and to make the most of those gorgeous golden sunsets ☺.

The time of sunset!

I love having family sessions in the ‘golden hour’ which is the time just before sunset.  In winter the sun sets at about 5:00pm here in Sydney compared to sunsets in the summer months which can be as late as 8:30pm.  So my family sessions usually start at about 4:00pm in the winter.  Now I’m sure most of you are thinking, what difference does it make?  Well, for those of you with kids, you can probably guess where I’m going with this….. kids and bedtime!  Having a session in winter means that you can have your portrait session start at about 4:00pm, finish at about 5:00pm, head home, have dinner and your kids are in bed at their normal bed times!  And Mum’s and Dad’s everywhere are celebrating ;)

The weather!

Wait, what did I just write? Yes, I said weather.  Regardless of the weather we can make your session magical.  Overcast days can produce spectacular images just as can days with a clear blue sky.  And if it rains, imagine the fun your kids will have jumping in muddy puddles ;)  We are all about having fun and if your family is anything like mine we still manage to have fun all year round, so why not capture it just as you are ☺

Families still have fun in winter, we definitely don’t restrict it to the warmer months, so why restrict family photographs to them?

Go on, brave the cold and book a winter family session now ☺

Natalie Knight