Leo - Hills District Newborn Photography

When Leo arrived for his Newborn Photography Session with his incredible head of dark hair, I may have done a little happy dance!  Seriously could he be any cuter?  And the faces he pulled for me, so darn cute!  Not only that, he arrived with his adorable big brother.  Not only was he also completely gorgeous, he was soooooo good and did EVERYTHING I asked him to.  Sibling images are generally the hardest to get, mostly because most siblings of newborns are around the age of 2, but these little kids have all had their worlds turned upside down by the arrival of their little brother or sister, so you never quite know how they are going to go.  I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve, so I make sure sibling images are included in your session.  Leo and his big brother are just adorable, and this has to be one of my favourite sibling images I have ever captured <3  

Love Nat x

Newborn Photography Sessions are done in my studio in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia.