Poppy - Hills District Newborn Photographer

I seriously have THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!! I get to spend my days snuggling gorgeous newborn babies, then when they go home I get to spend my afternoons staring at them in all their deliciousness on my computer screen <3 <3 <3 So, so lucky!  

Meet the gorgeous Poppy <3 Such a gorgeous little poppet.  She was such an angel during her Newborn Photography Session.  Every newborn is completely unique, their little fingers, their little toes, they way they scrunch up their little noses, the way they cry, basically everything!  Each baby is completely different and those little differences are exactly what I am going to capture for you <3  As usual way too many favourites, I had a really hard time trying to narrow it down.

Newborn Photography Sessions are done in my studio in the Hills District of Sydney Australia.